How To Overcome Your Personal Struggles With Money

Financial hardships happen to good people everyday, and the stress can easily take a toll on your productivity and overall wellbeing. With that being said, always remember that you have a choice to turn this trend around by making a firm decision to watch your money closer. You may be able to make these changes yourself by being more disciplined, but for many people this requires hiring professionals to help overcome bad money habits. We will offer some proven techniques that you can use on the daily basis, so implement these next few strategies today to build your savings account! 

  1. Identify the Underlying Problem

The most important step to overcoming financial struggles is to identify the underlying issues causing difficulties with your money. Financial problems are usually the result of a deeper issue; may it be personal habits, divorce, retirement savings, or doctor’s bills to name a few. Your problem may not be listed above, but the first step to developing a lasting solution is to identify a specific problem. 

  1. Build A Personal Budget

Make your money work for you by spending in a way that helps solve the problem. One of the best ways to overcome financial problems is a budget. Creating a budget is like turning on the lights in a dark room. This way, you don’t risk stumping a toe on the leg of the dining room table or stepping on one of your kid’s toys. A budget works in the same way, creating a guide so that you spend money on what’s important and prevent overspending. Sit down for thirty minutes and create a budget for your personal finances.

  1. Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

According to U.S. News, Nearly one-third of Americans pay the minimum balance on their credit card each month. 

Paying just the minimum on your credit card will always result in paying more interest, because this sends the message to your credit card company that you will take much longer to actually pay off the credit. Borrowers will feel the financial pressure from interest rates that can sometimes be well above 25 percent. In fact, average credit card debt increased 9 percent since 2015.

  1. Identify Small Steps You Can Take To Achieve Your Goals

There are many small steps you can take to achieve your financial goals. The solution to financial problems is to reduce expenses and increase income. One way to increase income is to freelance on your off-time. This small sacrifice of an hour or two each day can help you earn more money and increase your rainy day fund, pay off credit cards and more. Reduce your expenses by taking your lunch to work more often.

  1. Review How Things Are Going

Once you are a few months into your new budget, look back and see how things are going. Once you see more money in your savings account, this will build the necessary momentum to continue working your plan. Fine tuning your plan is good, as long as your plans are realistic. Creating unrealistic expectations is a surefire way for disaster when overcoming your personal struggles with money. 


Overcoming financial difficulties is easier than you think. With the right plan and clear priorities, you can put an end to financial troubles. Before you know it, you will be the next Mr. Money Mustache.

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