5 Smart Ways Millennials Can Spend Their $1,400 Stimulus

President Joe Biden finally got it done. The long awaited $1,400.00 stimulus package has started trickling into bank accounts and mailboxes across the country and many Americans are incredibly happy. The pandemic emergency relief package has earned Joe Biden many new monikers, though none quite as catchy as “Moneybagg Joe”, a play off of the… Continue reading 5 Smart Ways Millennials Can Spend Their $1,400 Stimulus

6 Financial Tips for Millennials Amid COVID-19

These carefully curated tips will help you transition smoothly from the old normal to the “new norm” without breaking the bank.   A budget is one of those things your parents always stressed during high school years after landing that first job at the local movie theater or fast food restaurant. It is an essential… Continue reading 6 Financial Tips for Millennials Amid COVID-19

How To Overcome Your Personal Struggles With Money

Financial hardships happen to good people everyday, and the stress can easily take a toll on your productivity and overall wellbeing. With that being said, always remember that you have a choice to turn this trend around by making a firm decision to watch your money closer. You may be able to make these changes… Continue reading How To Overcome Your Personal Struggles With Money

Why Xero is Surpassing Quickbooks

Here at Balance, people have been asking which cloud-accounting software offers the best value for small businesses. Xero is the new and easy-to-use cloud-based accounting software that offers the same services as Quickbooks and more. Developed in 2006, this New Zealand based company burst onto the scene two years after Quickbooks, employing over 1,800 people… Continue reading Why Xero is Surpassing Quickbooks

Bitcoin: The Future of Cryptocurrency

History Bitcoin is the first and only decentralized form of currency. People like Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan and Tidjane Thiam, have used the terms “fraud” and “bubble” to describe bitcoin. If you’re not familiar with how it’s obtained and why the thought of it is so speculative, we’re here to share some facts about… Continue reading Bitcoin: The Future of Cryptocurrency