5 Steps to Gain Tax Exempt Status for Your Nonprofit Organization

Right now, your main objective is to gather all the right documents to prove to the IRS that your nonprofit is qualified. 


How To Overcome Your Personal Struggles With Money

Financial hardships happen to good people everyday, and the stress can easily take a toll on your productivity and overall wellbeing. With that being said, always remember that you have a choice to turn this trend around by making a firm decision to watch your money closer. You may be able to make these changes… Continue reading How To Overcome Your Personal Struggles With Money

Can I Trust My Bookkeeper?

Small businesses are more susceptible to fraud considering the lack of internal controls processes implemented. Considering that¬†bookkeeping deals with the most important asset of all, your money, you should be very cautious when choosing who will manage it for you. Unfortunately, many small to medium business owners feel the lack of trust or thereof in… Continue reading Can I Trust My Bookkeeper?